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Caspian NDT provide a full range of Non-Destructive Testing services

Ultrasonic Weld Inspection UT
Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI
Dye Penetrant Inspection DPI
Visual Inspection
Measurement and assessment of corrosion
Inspection, assessment and testing of anchor bolts


Caspian NDT provide Non-Destructive Testing Services for the following applications and industries

Application – Industry
Pipework and pressure vessels
Mechanical and process equipment
Structural steel  fabrications
Street and motorway lighting, street furniture and road sign structures


Caspian NDT focus is on Quality

We believe honesty is the key.

We ensure that the customer is aware of what inspection we believe is and is not required.

Inspection is not about “ticking boxes”. Neither is inspection about selecting only the parts that are the easiest or cheapest to inspect.

Our primary objective is to ensure the lowest practical risks at a reasonable cost.

Inspection is about minimising the whole-life cost of the asset being tested.

Reducing whole-life cost means reducing downtime, increasing productivity, prolonging lifespan and maximising reputation.

Caspian NDT is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System (Accredited by UKAS)

Why Choose Us

Quality always comes first at Caspian NDT. Quality means qualified professionals using the right procedures, the right tools and with the right attitude.


We meet your requirements by being flexible in our knowledge and work processes.

We work independently or as part of multi-disciplined teams.

We work throughout the UK. Locations could be at your premises or at construction, fabrication sites.

Qualified Professionals

Our technicians are qualified, experienced and committed to providing inspection services in any hazardous situation.

What Our Customers say

Caspian Ndt have been providing us with exceptional non-destructive testing services. both at our base at Manchester and overseas.

Dr A Hussain, Intertek

We have found the Non-Destructive Testing services from Caspian ndt Ltd to be of the highest level. They have exceptional knowledge of NDT processes and issue comprehensive reports within 3 days of any works being completed.